Games Development– What Illusion Groups Uses To Create Your Games

Creating games is full of fun and excitement. It may sound very complicated at first, but when you get a hang of it, it becomes much more interesting. The main reason of course for this mindset is based on this question, “How do you come up with all those figures and make them  able to be controlled in such a way that makes a person playing the game will have fun?” Illusion Groups is there to help you and come up with them. You need to know that the developers of games have the same mind as you. Therefore, if you would like to learn about games development, you must understand that we have the best of tools to use to create these games. Illusion Groups has fully mastered the art of games development and can even show you how to use the tools to create your own game. Some of the game tools we use are given below.

The Adobe Flash – This is our favourite tool and is useful in making small interactive games that are created using flash. Flash apparently is very crucial for the creation of games as it is one of the only tools that design developers have come up with for such measures. Thankfully, Illusion Groups understands how to use the tool effectively. Currently, its use is in the development of Internet Applications. Using an object-oriented language called Action Script, this application is empowered to drive your development through all forms of designs, making your characters appear as close to reality as you would suppose them to be.

Autodesk Maya – This is a 3D software application. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is majorly software for computer graphics and the good thing is that it operates on 3D. There is a virtual workspace where our developers work out the creations. We make scenes during the creation period and then save the work in a certain formats that vary depending on ideal factors. It is worth noting that the saving formats differ. Maya has its own unique scripting language that is used by our developers. The language is referred to as Maya Embedded Language. It is useful for the customization of the core operations of the software.

The 3Ds Max Tool – Illusion Groups uses this game tool to facilitate the modelling process in the creation stages. It is useful for making animations as well as rendering packages of various game creations. Its modelling property enables the architectural aspect of the game to be designed efficiently. This modelling aspect can be used on the platform of Microsoft Windows.

The Unity – This tool is integrated to create video games in 3D. It can serve as an Interactive content. Its features enable it to be used for architectural visualizations. In addition, it can also assist in the creation 3D animations. We use this tool best for games in iPhone or Google android platform.

The Cocos2D – This is a tool commonly used for the development of mobile games. It uses its 2D framework feature to serve this purpose very well. The tool has two versions written that can be used. The first one is written in Python. The second one is written in Objective C. The major target of the second version is the iOS.

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