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For all of you who have watched animated movies and played such games (probably online or otherwise), you will notice that the need for creating finer, shaper and more defined figures is growing. The same need is felt with industrial and construction analysts, as they need projections of what they are building or analyzing. Many people would like to see more of the 3D effect on their graphics and more of the 2D sharpness on the work that you do for them. With the advanced technologies in print media, audiovisual media and graphics technology, you cannot settle for anything less than what a graphics company has to offer.

However, in the many years that we have been in the industry, we have noticed that many designers offer substandard value for the amounts people invest in acquiring 2D and 3D animated products. Illusion Groups realizes the need of quality for its customers, and is always endeavouring to give the customer what he deserves in terms of animated film and computer graphic output. For this to happen, the company has a team specialized in the following techniques in order to produce the best there possibly might be in the industry:

  • Subdivision Modeling: Starting with a cube or a basic 3D structure, the graphic artist will begin curving out a figure until it reaches to a desired model that he prefers to use as a character. It moves from quite a primitive model to a shape that can be used and can make human sense.
  • Contour Modeling: It is closer to subdivision modeling but this time around, the model is built block by block, until the desired figure is projected.
  • Spline Modeling: This kind of modeling is preferred for industrial and factory setups. Lofting techniques are used in this case to create smooth surfaces so as to make observation better. The tools used for its finished product are MS paint and Adobe. These give an impressive finishes.
  • Digital Sculpting: Just as there are ways in which technologies in different fields have revolutionized different industries, digital sculpting has done the same for modeling. In essence, we at Illusion Groups can use this idea to make your preferred models – especially 3D models. Here technology has given us a way to create virtual sculptures on the screen, making it as similar to real sculpting as possible – only that this time around, you are doing it on a screen.

The 2D world has also undergone a lot of technological advancement, with increase in sharp animated projections being the focus. We at Illusion Groups have the desired technologies to drive 2D or a 3D campaign that will satisfy you. We believe in delivering the best in a timely and specific manner. We concentrate on satisfying our customers more than on being creative in our own light.

However, Illusion Groups will also give you suggestions on how we would like your product to be seen. Our team shares its suggestions freely with our clients, and If there is a possibility that the client will harken to our call, we are free to implement the discussion without much complaints. For all your 2D and 3D desires, try us today.

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