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This is a time in history where the most popular programs TVs are science fiction with hi-tech special effects. As a film producer, you know the importance of using special effects. Special effects play a vital role in ensuring your film is captivating, full of action and intriguing. Many elements need to be put together when producing a film. One of this is the use of special effects. It is essential for a filmmaker to know how this effect works to increase on their creativity and uniqueness. When you need expertise in applying special effects to your film Illusion Groups is the company that you need. They possess the well-mastered skills for using special effects.

The types of special effects

Special Effects is the art combining very detailed art with the latest high-level technology. It is all about how human beings get their perception of the world through their abilities of hearing and seeing found in their body parts and brain. The special effects use the principle of the speed of light transmission to bring out very fascinating effects. The speed at which light travels is so fast. The nerve impulses of the human eye are slow. This is the reason why the technology works amazingly, as they factor in how the speed of light is used to make films better by use of special effects. Illusion Groups is well conversant with the following types of special effects. Their personnel can really assist you to make the best out of films using these features.

The effects of computer graphics

These effects are produce by the use of computer graphics we own. Some of them are:

  • Showing a complete green or blue screen – This is a technique where a green or blue screen is used in the background in a particular scene. The scene is overlapped. The blue or green screen is then removed using compositing software. In this technique, a special type of composite is required to calculate the mask’s foreground image.
  • Computer Animation – This involves the conversion of real footage shot into animations using compositing software. The best instance for this kind of feature is Gollum, an animation featured in the Lord of The Rings.
  • Morphing style – This style simply transforms the image of a character from one way to the other such that the final appearance is different even though it has been made from two or more characters modified together.
  • Warping – This is more similar to morphing. The major difference found here is that it only uses one image to modify a character and give it different and unique look.
The effects that are humanized

These include all the effects that are created and generated manually. They are: – The use of weather elements like rain, snow and wind

Filmmakers work out the presence of artificial rain-like effects to make the film realistic. They also use snow machines for creation of snow. To bring out the effect of wind, they use big fans and great speed blowers. In addition, for fire effects, fire experts are called and they create fire in shots easy for them to extinguish in case of anything.

All these effects make the film realistic. Illusion Groups can add even more to your effects to make them much better as they are highly experienced in computer graphics.

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