Illusion Groups Companies

Illusion Groups is a multiple industries company, our many company are reputed in the industries and has good clients base all around the world because of our quality services. Some of our main companies are listed here.

Security Services

Illusion Groups is born from Security Services around 25 years back in 1988, Security Services is our core business. We offer Security Services and Security Equipment’s to all the industries like hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels, societies etc. Civil Guard, X Army Men, Gun Men, Body Guard, Drivers, Sweepers etc. Equipment’s like Metal Detectors, Security Cameras, Complete Security Systems for all type of requirements to all the industries.

Information Technology

We offer complete IT Solution to all type of industry. Our Information Technology includes Web applications, Custom process automation solutions, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Design & Development of Website / Software / CRM / ERP / Facebook APP / Mobile APP, Games Development etc.

Digital Marketing

We are one platform where you can find all Digital Marketing stuffs like SEO/SEM, SMM/SMO/ORM , E-Mail Marketing/Bulk Mailing, Bulk SMS, Media Buying - Internet/Digital Media, Print Media, Broadcast Media, Commercial Advertising, TV Ads etc.

Computer Graphics

We design creative ideas and graphics for Web Design, Magazines Ads, Greeting Cards, 2D, 3D, Animation/Multimedia, 3D Work – Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Rendering, 3D Rendering, Jewellery Designing, Post Production Work, Special Effects, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Architectural Views, Architectural Walkthroughs, Promotional Videos, Medical Modeling, Medical Animation, Industrial Modeling, Industrial Animation, etc.

Media & Entertainment

Short Films, Motion Picture, 3D Films, Commercials Movie, Documentaries, Ads Films, 3D Add Films, Entertaining Short Movie/Video, Event Organization, Event Promotion, Online Media Promotion, Online Magazines, etc.

Business/Idea Investments

At Illusion Groups Investments section we invest in new businesses or innovative ideas which can change the trend of industry and have potential to be a trendsetter. Illusion Investments is like a dream come true platform where people can achieve their dream by working hard on their plan to get the fund for their potential ideas.
  • It is really a great and unique experience to work with the business idea investments team that comes with years of experience and an amazing knowledge to make your business run successfully.
    Aaron Hughes – Australia
  • The involvement of computer graphics professionals throughout the entire process is really outstanding. They even do not hesitate to extend their quality support to fulfill the requirement of customers.
    Ryan James – United Kingdom
  • I wish to show my gratitude to the Digital marketing professionals that have turned my dream into reality with their dedication and passion.
    Able Electronics
  • We are very glad to get timely delivery and amazing solutions of problems pertaining to information technology. The comprehensive services of the team help us to improve our business performance.
    Pragya College of Education
  • It is perhaps the best place when it comes to media and entertainment world. The end results provided by the team exceed our expectations.
    Mark Neville - Australia
  • We are really pleased to get a timely response from the Illusion Groups for their security services. We hope that the motivation continues in the future, as well.
    Rajesh Gupta – New Delhi
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