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Youtube SEO Cheat Sheet

1. Include Keyword in title 2. Add keyword in description multiples times naturally in 4 or 5 Sentences. 3. Add link to your website (lead capture page) at the beginning & ending of your description. 4. Add time stamps with keywords worked into them 5. Make the name of your video keyword before uploding 6. Add keyword annotation in video 7. Add a manual transcript to your video (keyword rich) 8. Say your keyword in the first 30 seconds of the video (for auto captioning) 9. Always end video with…

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Websites Are Now Availing Free Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Email Marketing Latest News Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization 

Websites Are Now Availing Free Search Engine Optimization

There was a time when everything in the digital marketing was paid. It was mostly because, the strategies and tools were not so popular and moreover, the same term digital marketing was not as popular is it is today.  Every website is now following a set of rules and regulations with different approaches of course to get recognized as some of the major brands in the industry. Likewise, the companies, which are involved in SEO services are also gaining popularity and with time are providing Free Search Engine Optimization to…

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