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Features Of Uber Driver App – Get App Like Uber For Travel Company

We all like the hassle free ways to book a cab for our quick travelling plans. Companies like Uber and many others have brought something unusual and extraordinary to the people when it comes to book a cab. Many companies like Uber have made it extremely easy for the travelers as well as for the drivers. These companies are following a smart system for both travelers as well as for the drivers. The entire system of these companies is depending on the application that has two user interfaces on is for travelers and the second user interface is for driver. The company has developed two applications with different user interfaces. Both the applications are entirely different from others. The features of Uber like driver app are the easiest to understand and use.

Uber driver app home screen



If you running a travelling company, then all you need is to install the Uber like driver app for the tracking the drivers as well as for the safety of your passengers. Uber like driver’s app include features like:

  • In order get the correct route in every city, the application features maps with entire minute details of the different cities.
  • The drivers can even filter the app with their desired location. It allows the drivers to set the destinations that they desire and they can only get ride requests for their desire location.
  • The driver app can even have a notification button named as Go online button. With this button, you can switch off and on the notification about the rides.
  • You can even a separate feature for getting the latest news of the company. With the help of Blog feature, the drivers can stay aware with the latest happenings around their area as well as about Uber.
  • The application even houses the promotions and invites for the drivers. Besides, the drivers can even check out their trip history in order to track their earnings. In order to entertain the travelers the drivers can open up the music tab.

Uber driver app ratings tab

Uber Driver App Features List:

  • Booking System
  • Payment System
  • Taxi Tracking System
  • Manage Profile
  • Book Taxi
  • Discount Codes
  • Driver Management System
  • Driver App Home Screen
  • Earning Reporting
  • Mapping
  • Filtration of specific locations
  • Go Online Button
  • Forward Dispatch
  • Head Maps
  • Daily Reports
  • Driver Rating
  • Blog for getting latest updates
  • Notification feature
  • Promotion and invites
  • Trip history
  • Driving rewards
  • Earning and Entertainment tabs
  • Accounting tabs
  • Pay statements
  • Rider Compliment

Uber driver app account tab

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